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6. FJRG Tagung with competition for the promotion of young talent will take place on 13/14 June 2024 in Berlin, Haus der Landwirtschaft und Ernährung, Claire-Waldoff-Str.7, 10117 Berlin

Press release "Die Energiesituation in Deutschland im Februar 2023"

Energiesituation Deutschand_Februar 2023
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"Biokraftstoffe zur Versorgungssicherheit in Deutschland mit Dieselkraftstoff und leichtem Heizöl"

"Biofuels for security of supply in Germany with diesel fuel and light heating oil".

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Interdisciplinary Research in Fuels for the Mobility of the Future

The Fuels Joint Research Group is an interdisciplinary group of engineers, scientists and physicians working in the field of fuel research. The scientific focus is on interactions between the various fuel components, the engine and the engine oil, and exhaust gas aftertreatment, particularly with regard to the resulting emissions and their effects on health. The investigation of alternative fuels, ranging from those of biogenic origin (biodiesel, HVO, bio-alcohols, bio-methane, etc.) to various e-fuels including hydrogen, opens up paths to sustainable energy supply for mobile systems in addition to electromobility.