Pressemitteilung 17. September 2022

Biokraftstoffe zur Versorgungssicherheit in Deutschland mit Dieselkraftstoff und leichtem Heizöl
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Pressemitteilung 05. Juli 2022

Bericht von der 5. FJRG Tagung
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Pressemitteilung 13. Mai 2022

Anmeldung zur 5. FJRG Tagung bis 09. Juni, Nachwuchsförderwettbewerb

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Pressemitteilung 11. März 2022

Einladung zur 5. FJRG Tagung 30. Juni und 01. Juli 2022 in Waischenfeld

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Positionspapier 17. Februar 2022

Position paper published by the Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants (UFOP)

"Berlin, 17 February 2022. Drive climate protection forward now with sustainable and greenhouse gas-optimised biofuels and at the same time raise their potential through strategic research funding; this is, in brief, the message of the position paper published by the Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants (UFOP). Biofuels are the only alternative so far for replacing fossil fuels in existing vehicle fleets. The UFOP underlines the statement of climate scientists that time is running out and that political action must therefore be geared to this. ..."

For further Information please download the whole position paper.

20220217_Press Release_UFOP Positionpape
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Positionspapier 30. Juli 2021

Positionspapier der FJRG zu nachhaltiger Mobilität


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